With your project

Do you have an association or a project aligned with the causes that we stand for at FUNDACIÓN DINGONATURA? Write to us and we will look into ways we can collaborate!

With your donation

Would you like to donate to our causes? At FUNDACIÓN DINGONATURA we allocate donations and resources to our own and external projects, associations and organizations that defend the rights of pets, contribute to a better coexistence between animals and people, with the ultimate aim of creating a more inclusive society for all.

Give Solidary

Give Solidary

Solidary is the first socially conscious brand of high quality natural food, adapted to a dog’s metabolism in the market and was created by DINGONATURA for its FOUNDATION. You can choose which carer, rescue home or association that you want to send your donation too! Dingonatura will then match your donation and send the same amount to them.