Vínculos que dan vida (Bonds that give life)

VinculosQueDanVida is a campaign to raise awareness on how sharing a life with animals can improve a person’s quality of life.

The awareness campaign #VinculosQueDanVida has produced three documentaries that portray the emotional benefits gained when dogs and people cohabit.

The project is the initiative of Dingonatura and Huellas Compartidas with the support of the Red Cross, ONCE, Fundació Arrels and the Perros y Letras association.

The driving force behind #VinculosQueDanVida is the desire to educate on the emotional and health benefits that sharing a life with a dog can bring people and the bond that will grow between them. At the same time, it also seeks to raise awareness of responsible pet ownership and of the respect and attention they deserve.

1. Antonia & Hugo

2. Teo & Luigi

3. Giorgio & Coffee

4. Valeria & Summer