Operation Iceberg accomplished, the route continues | Desafío Ártico, Travel Book

We know firsthand the serious consequences of climate change: there are fewer and fewer glaciers

Operation Iceberg” has been a success! We already have the piece of iceberg that we will send to Malaga to raise awareness about climate change. It has not been easy, but we have managed to get it out of the water and “pack it” so that it arrives safely, which was the most complicated thing due to its weight and the circumstances in which we find ourselves. At this moment, we continue with our route plans to head to the next camp located on a glacier near Narsaq. From there, we will continue with the expedition.

Although we managed to carry out “Operation Iceberg”, the most difficult part of the trip, it was not all good news. After sending the container with the iceberg to the coast of Malaga, we continued our route to explore and learn more glaciers in the area; however, to our surprise, we found huge rivers of water: what were once large and impressive ice formations, is now just water, and it would be disastrous if this continues to happen … We are losing one of the great jewels of nature. Glaciers are disappearing, but if we all become aware of the serious consequences of climate change and try to limit their advance, we still have time to save them.

Now that we have only a few days left here we realize how lucky we are to experience all this, although on the other hand we are sad to experience the consequences of climate change first hand. From Greenland we hope that the images reach the people and they can realize what is happening here.

We will continue to report from Greenland, stay tuned so you don’t miss anything.

See you soon!