“Reuniendo vínculos” (Bringing Bonds Together): An initiative to bring companion animals into the correctional environment.

“Reuniendo vínculos” (Bringing Bonds Together) is a new project by Fundación Dingonatura in collaboration with the Al Perro Verde Association, aimed at the inclusion of dogs in correctional facilities.


On February 28th, the signing of the agreement took place, with the presence of Ana Chinarro, President and CEO of Fundación Dingonatura, and Albert Ayala Aixala, General Coordinator of the Al Perro Verde Association.

During this event, both parties formalized their commitment to carry out this project, which aims to facilitate the interaction of companion animals with individuals serving a custodial sentence.

The Project

The “Reuniendo vínculos” initiative between individuals serving a custodial sentence and their dogs aims to facilitate meetings in a safe space to strengthen the bond, personal development, and animal care.

On one hand, the project proposes the development of a series of workshops on responsible pet ownership that enable the maintenance, care, and/or redefinition of the bond between both parties in a safe, friendly environment conducive to social reintegration. On the other hand, it involves conducting a study to assess the impact these activities are having on the participants, animals, and their surroundings.

In a second phase of the project, the participants can act as references for other inmates who carry out similar workshops in the center with dogs from shelters to promote a possible adoption upon their release.

The distinctive value of this proposal lies in its transcendence of the individual-focused therapeutic approach, proving innovative by expanding the concept of family and the role of the community in rehabilitation. The transformative outlook of the project could have a positive impact on both the animals and the incarcerated individuals, as well as their families and society as a whole.

About Fundación Dingonatura

Fundación Dingonatura was established with the aim of transforming communities, cities, and societies to be more just and inclusive, also for companion animals. Its mission is to advance towards a future where companion animals occupy the rightful place they deserve.

Through its own projects and collaborating entities, the foundation promotes debate, awareness, education, ideation, and the creation of initiatives and positive changes to achieve inclusivity for companion animals.