We interviewed founders of Huellas Compartidas, Paco Camarasa and Aure Farran

“We make visual representations of the benefits of sharing your life with a dog.” Aure Farran

Huellas Compartidas shows how living with a dog can improve a person’s quality of life

The association Huellas Compartidas began in the midst of a pandemic and following the broadcasting of Fils Trencats, a short film about the social isolation and vulnerability of older people in Spain. Fils Trencats shows how a relationship with an animal can reverse or minimize these unwelcome situations.

Its co-founder Aure Farran explains that Huellas Compartidas “is on a mission to raise awareness of the world of dogs in a variety of different ways”. The association started Vínculos que dan vida (bonds that give life), a campaign that raises awareness about the emotional bond between people and pets. Paco Camarasa reiterated that “in vulnerable groups dogs can hold a huge amount of value”. We spoke with them to find out more about Huellas Compartidas.