‘Desafío Ártico’: the most exciting expedition to raise awareness about climate change

Fundación Dingonatura presents this unique adventure that connects human resilience with the survival of the planet.

‘Desafío Ártico: Operación Iceberg’ is the eighth edition of this polar adventure, that will take place in Greenland.

Manuel Calvo, director of Fundación Dingonatura and leader of previous expeditions, will lead this journey that will take a group of Andalusian teenagers who have overcome cancer to travel 300 kilometres in 16 days, demonstrating their strength and resilience.

‘Desafío Ártico: Operación Iceberg’ has the challenge of moving a fragment of iceberg from Greenland to the Costa del Sol. The aim is to allow this young people to contemplate how imposing, pure and extraordinary this piece of nature is: a treasure that is now threatened by global warming. A path full of difficulties and obstacles will be travelled until this is achieved.

This 8th edition will fulfil the dream of a group of teenagers who have overcome cancer, bringing them closer to the unique experience of living an expedition in the inhospitable lands of Greenland with Manuel Calvo and the entire ‘Desafío Ártico’ team, “a dream that continues to come true with the support and commitment of both the Diputación de Málaga and Fundación Dingonatura”, said the expedition leader.