Non-profit association dedicated to rescuing all kinds of animals, as well as helping people at risk of social exclusion, creating social awareness and respect for the environment. The centre has a variety of natural spaces for horses, goats, pigs, sheep, ducks, chickens and rabbits, as well as a kennel for rescue dogs and a classroom for training people.

In Spain, over 250,000 animals are abandoned every year.

Scope of action



People at risk of social exclusion.

Collaboration with Fundación Dingonatura

Fundación Dingonatura supports the daily upkeep of animals rescued by Hoope. Furthermore, they help to raise awareness of animal abandonment and ill treatment of pets.

Causes and objectives

Hoope rescues animals that have been abandoned and mistreated and raises awareness in society about responsible animal ownership. It also encourages adoption and can provide solutions to cure feline colonies in urban environments. At the same time it helps people at risk of social exclusion develop a relationship with pets in an attempt to improve their lives. It also manages an animal protection centre, an animal residence, runs projects in prison and works with children in foster care.

More info

Spain has the highest rate of animal abandonment in Europe, where it is estimated that 700 animals are abandoned every day.