Ong k9 Creixell

NGO that has been training dogs to search for people lost in earthquakes or natural catastrophes for 25 years. They operate all over the world and have offices in Portugal, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. In an emergency, the six best dogs in the group are taken to the site quickly where they work alongside their six handlers.

NGO K9 from Creixell has 60 training units around the world

Scope of action

They go all over the world.
Delegation in Portugal, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.


People in an emergency or victims of natural disasters.

Collaboration with Fundación Dingonatura

Fundación Dingonatura provides the life-saving dogs with the food that is most suitable to their activity (during the rescue, training and daily life).

Causes and objectives

The NGO’s mission is to train and prepare dogs to a level of excellence so they have the ability to help find people who have disappeared or been trapped as a result of earthquakes, natural catastrophes in different places all over the world.

More info

Over 25 years, K9 de Creixell has provided support after earthquakes in Pakistan, India, Ecuador, Mexico, the Philippines, Brazil, India, Ecuador, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Italy and Chile, and in the search for missing persons in Catalonia