Pelos 2

Pelos 2 works on rehabilitation programs with inmates in prison in Portugal by helping them to develop personal, social and emotional skills via assisted intervention using homeless dogs.

The emotional bond established with the dogs helps to reduce levels of aggression and depression.

Scope of action



Inmates in prison

Collaboration with Fundación Dingonatura

The Fundación Dingonatura provides quality food to the dogs, ensuring a high level of nutritional care that contributes to the health and well-being of the dogs involved in the program.

Causes and objectives

Its objective is to improve the emotional health of dogs and prisoners. Pelos 2 provides inmates with social rehabilitation programs that will help them to assume a dignified place in society once again by encouraging bonding, levels of responsibility and the constructive use of free time.

More info

Pelos 2 gets the dogs to increase their chances of adoption, and the prisoners to take theoretical and practical courses in dog training.